Traditional pension plans

Saving your pension in a traditional pension plan is simple and safe and gives you the opportunity of receiving as good a pension as possible.

Två kvinnor i skogen.

The traditional pension plan offers several advantages:

  • Simple savings – we take care of and invest your pension savings until your retirement. You do not need to be actively involved.
  • Peace of mind for the future – you are always guaranteed that you will get your deposit back; this is a minimum, when you retire (after deduction of fees).
  • Low fees – with AMF the fees are low and we try to always keep our costs to a minimum. We do everything we can to ensure that you get as good a pension as possible in the future. The longer you save, the greater the difference the low fees will make.

You earn interest

During the period in which you save with us you receive interest on your pension capital. The interest is called the bonus rate. The amount is dependent on how good our managers are at making your capital grow. 

The bonus rate can be positive or negative and varies dependent on how well the capital is managed. This implies that the pension capital can appreciate or depreciate. The bonus rate is distributed monthly and in arrears and is not guaranteed.

You have guaranteed security

If you save in our traditional insurance alternative you are guaranteed to get back at least as much as your employer has paid in.

How we invest your money

Our managers invest your money in shares in Swedish or foreign companies, bonds and real estate. It is the performance, the increase in value, of these assets that steers how your savings progress. Naturally, you always have your guaranteed amount and the opportunity of interest on your investment.

Low fees make a difference

The longer you save money, the greater the difference low fees make. Have a look and compare the various fees at The Swedish Consumers' Banking & Finance Bureau.

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