Occupational pension

Almost everyone, on the grounds of their employment, is entitled to an occupational pension.

Occupational pensions are a result of agreements between employers and trade unions. Employers pay regular contributions into pension plans for their employees. Today, most employees are free to choose the type of pension plan for the entire or a part of their occupational pension.

The nature of the occupational pension is dependent on the agreement governing the individual/employer. There are different rules regarding the size of the pension, how much of the pension that you can influence yourself, and more. If an individual has, during their working life, had jobs governed by different ​​agreements they can have more than one occupational pension.

There are basically four different collective agreements/parties for occupational pensions:

  • SAF-LO - for privately employed workers.
  • ITP - for privately employed non-manual employees.
  • AKAP-KR/KAP-KL - for employees within local government.
  • PA 16 - for state employees.