Board of Directors and Management Team

The Management Team of AMF

Johan Sidenmark, President and CEO, AMF

Johan Sidenmark

President and CEO.
Employed by AMF since August 1, 2012.

Tomas Flodén, Chief of Staff, AMF

Tomas Flodén

Chief Investment Officer and CEO AMF Fonder.
Employed by AMF since 2009.

Aino Bunge, AMF

Aino Bunge

Head of Staff, Vice President.
Employed by AMF since 2019.

Per-Erik Karlsson, chef Juridik AMF

Per-Erik Karlsson

General Counsel.
Employed by AMF since 1995.

 Marie Lietzings, tf chef Kund och affär AMF

Marie Litezings

Head of Insurance.
Employed by AMF since 2007.

Cecilia Rosendahl-Lavén, Head of Market and Communication, AMF

Cecilia Rosendahl-Lavén

Head of Market and Communication.
Employed by AMF since 2000.

 Lena Ringström, CIO AMF

Lena Ringström

Employed by AMF since 2014.

 Roland Kristen, chefaktuarie AMF

Roland Kristen

Chief Actuary
Employed by AMF since 2017.

AMF's Board of Directors

AMF's board of directors is appointed by the owners at a general meeting. The Annual General Meeting is held in late March each year. The Chairman of the Board is appointed by the Annual General Meeting.

Lars Wedenborn, Acting Chairman
Marie Rudberg, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise
Renée Andersson, Swedish Trade Union Confederation
Ulf Grunander, Independent
Per Ljungberg, Independent
Therese Guovelin, Swedish Trade Union Confederation
Ola Pettersson, Swedish Trade Union Confederation
Caroline af Ugglas, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise
Tomas With, Swedish Trade Union Confederation

Employee representatives

Jann Wiebols (SACO), Micael Thorselius (Forena).


Daniel Eriksson, Ernst & Young AB